Get up to $10,000 cash added to your deposits for four weeks!

What could be better than receiving a free Mega Cash Bonus Reward when you make a deposit to your PokerStars account during our 1st Anniversary celebrations? How about getting that Mega Cash Bonus every week for four weeks?

The extra cash will be yours with no restrictions and no earning requirements, and you can get a new Mega Cash Bonus Reward every week between March 6 and April 2! Mega Cash Bonus amounts are allocated randomly, up to the maximum of a huge $10,000 in cash.

How do I claim my free Mega Cash Bonus Reward?

Simply make a deposit of $30 or more using the bonus code ‘CASHMEGA’ and you’ll receive a Mega Cash Bonus Reward in your account within minutes. You’ll be notified of your cash reward via a pop-up in the game client, and will be able to use it however you wish, straight away.

You can use this bonus code once a week for four weeks (dates below), and you’ll receive a Mega Cash Bonus Reward every time.

Week One: 10:00 ET on March 6 to 23:59 ET on March 12, 2017
Week Two: 00:00 ET on March 13 to 23:59 ET on March 19, 2017
Week Three: 00:00 ET on March 20 to 23:59 ET on March 26, 2017
Week Four: 00:00 ET on March 27 to 23:59 ET on April 2, 2017
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Please Note: This is a reload bonus for existing real money players; if you are looking to make your first deposit we recommend you take advantage of our $50 Free Play offer or 100% Deposit Bonus up to $600.

Mega Cash Bonus Reward Probability

Cash rewards are random and paid out with the following frequency:

Cash Reward (USD)ProbabilityFrequency
$10,000 0.04% 4 in 10,000
$5,000 0.06% 6 in 10,000
$1,000 0.12% 12 in 10,000
$100 0.5% 50 in 10,000
$20 2.5% 250 in 10,000
$10 26.78% 2,678 in 10,000
$5 70% 7,000 in 10,000

If you have any questions about the Mega Cash Bonus and how you can take part, please contact Support.

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