Win up to $5,000 in cash every day

Our Cardhunt promotion has already rewarded players all over New Jersey for playing their favorite games, but how could we possibly top it?

The answer, like with most good sequels, can be summed up in one word: MORE!

That’s right, this time we’ve bumped up the cash prizes to a huge $5,000 to be won every day until Sunday, January 29, 2017, exclusively for players who complete a daily Cash Royal poker puzzle!

Each day you’ll find a brand new puzzle board in your Challenge Window. Puzzles will have 16-20 pieces, with each piece representing a playing card in a traditional 52-card deck.

How to complete your Cash Royal puzzle

Play Hold’em cash or Zoom cash games (stakes $0.05/$0.10 or higher - heads-up games excluded) and hunt down the hole cards that match your puzzle pieces.

Win a hand with hole cards that match a card in your puzzle, and collect that puzzle piece - it’s as simple as that!

For example: You are dealt A-Q of clubs, and the ace of clubs is one of the pieces in your puzzle. Win the hand (either pre or post-flop) and you will instantly collect the ace of clubs puzzle piece. If your puzzle happens to contain both the ace and the queen of clubs as puzzle pieces, you will collect both pieces in one swoop! If you lose the hand it will not count, and you won’t collect either piece.

Please Note: In some puzzles the cards must be collected in a specific order. In these cases, your Challenge Window will clearly describe the sequence in which the cards need to be collected.

Collecting your prize

Once you’ve fully completed your Cash Royal puzzle your cash reward will appear in your account straight away - no earning requirements, no restrictions, no fuss.

Rewards are allocated randomly, and range from a minimum of $1 up to a maximum of $5,000 in cash. You can easily view any prizes won in your Challenge Window.

Remember: Cash rewards will be yours to keep, with no restrictions, and no earning requirements; so play every day for your chance to win up to $5,000.

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Cash Royal Cash Prizes - what you can win

Cash prizes are awarded randomly, and the chances of getting each cash prize are as follows:

Cash RewardProbability
$5,000 0.04%
$250 0.10%
$100 1.00%
$50 2.00%
$10 10.00%
$5 12.00%
$2.5 29.86%
$1 45.00%

Contact if you have any questions about the Cash Royal promotion.

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