Sending a copy of your ID card and bank statement via our mobile app

Tap on the menu (Android) or the 'More' button (iOS), then:

'Settings & Tools' → 'Support' → 'Submit documents'

  1. Enter your phone number.
  2. Select 'accept' to allow our app access to your device's camera,
  3. You'll have the option to select 'ID card' and 'Bank Statement'.
  4. Once you select one of these options, you can take a photo of the original document.
  5. Confirm if all details are legible.
  6. When you've finished photographing both documents, select 'Continue' to send us the documents.

You'll receive a pop-up message once the upload is complete.

If you're using the PokerStars Next Gen app, tap on the 'Account' button, then:

'Help' → 'Submit documents'

  • Category: 'Account Security and Verification'
  • Sub-category: 'Upload Documents'

Write your message, attach your documents, and then tap on 'Send'.


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