How do I verify my account? Whenever I submit the account registration form I keep getting a message saying online verification was unsuccessful, what do I do now? I do not live in New Jersey, can I create an account? What information do I need to create my account? Why do you require me to provide the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number? Is it safe to provide this information? Where can I find my SSN (Social Security Number)? I do not have a SSN, can I create an account online or by sending you documents? Can I verify my account in person at Resorts Casino? I am on holiday in the US/New Jersey. Can I create an account and play?


How do I attempt electronic verification? I passed electronic verification, do I need to send you documentation? What tips do you have for passing electronic verification? I do not know what my SSN is, how can I attempt electronic verification? My SSN is valid but I am unable to pass the electronic verification, what do I do now? My electronic verification attempts are repeatedly unsuccessful, should I keep trying or manually verify my account? After submitting the Player Registration Form I received a message saying I am unable to resubmit the form again? I know the last 4 digits of my SSN (and other details) are correct but electronic verification is not successful, what is wrong with your system? I failed electronic verification but know my full Social Security Number, however I have lost my SSN Card, how do I manually validate my account?


What documents can I send to manually verify my account? Why do I need to provide my full social security number? What type of government photographic issued ID is acceptable? What are the ID types that you DO NOT accept? My government-issued photographic issued ID was not issued in the US, is it acceptable? I want to manually verify my account, what documents are acceptable to specifically verify my SSN? What happens when I have completed the manual validation? How long will it take to verify my account?


How do I know if the documents I am sending will be acceptable? How should I make copies of my documents? What format should I use for the verification documents I send? What is the best way to send verification documents? I feel unsure or uncertain about sending verification documents to PokerStars. I have another question not answered in your FAQ regarding the verification of my account (including document related queries).


If requested, what documents are acceptable proof of address?

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