Becoming a SilverStar


The third status in the VIP Club, SilverStar, is loaded with benefits. It rewards your current play while inspiring you to shine even brighter as you move towards the GoldStar and PlatinumStar VIP levels. Complete Steps to move up the VIP statuses and earn better rebates and rewards, faster!

  • Complete SilverStar Steps to earn up to 6,400 StarsCoin (15-18%) in a month

Click here for an overview of the different VIP statuses available and the rebates and rewards that come with them. For a comprehensive breakdown of how much StarsCoin is unlocked for each Step, and how much play is required to complete them, click here.

Reaching GoldStar

Complete 20 SilverStar Steps to become a GoldStar VIP and earn up to 53% more rebates and rewards, faster! When you reach GoldStar you will be on GoldStar Step 11, as all your play at SilverStar counts towards the first GoldStar Steps! At the start of the next calendar month, you’ll begin on Step number one of GoldStar status.

VIP Statuses

VIP Levels

Every real money player is a member of the VIP Club. As you move up in status, you get even bigger rewards.


VIP StarsCoin

StarsCoin is currency earned by completing Steps. How will you spend yours?

VIP Store

VIP Store

Use your StarsCoin to purchase exclusive items in the VIP Store.

Completing Steps

Earning Points

Complete Steps to unlock StarsCoin. The VIP Steps page explains how it works.

Customer Support


The support team is on hand 24-7 to assist you, and can answer any questions not listed in the FAQ.