What are reward points and how do they work?

Earn reward points and make the most of our loyalty program. Here's what you need to know about them:

What are reward points?

When you play for real money in any of our games, you'll earn reward points. They measure your real money activity on our platforms and track your advancement towards completing your progress bar.

Once you collect enough reward points and fill up your progress bar, you'll receive a Chest. These are filled with awesome prizes like tournament entries and StarsCoin! You can then redeem your StarsCoinin exchange for items in the Rewards Store.

If you're browsing our website you can access our store by clicking on the button below:

Stars Rewards

For detailed instructions on how to redeem your StarsCoin, check this article.

When are reward points credited?

Reward points are awarded the following way (where the product is available):

  • In poker tournaments, we'll add the reward points after completing the tournament.
  • In ring-games or Zoom, we'll add the reward points after the hand finishes.
  • In casino, we'll add the reward points after the game round finishes.
  • In sports, we'll add the reward points when your bets are settled.

For a breakdown of reward points earned per game-type, vist our website.

What's the differences between reward points and redemption points?

You earn reward points by playing real money games. You need these points to complete a progress bar and get a Chest.

Redemption points are different.

A bonus or a challenge will usually have a redemption point target that you should meet. Once you reach this target, you'll clear the bonus (or challenge) and you'll receive your prize.

For more information, visit our website.


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