Chat window display options - detaching, grouping, locking and reattaching

The Detached Chat option is a great way to group chat windows of various tables into a single window that you can then position anywhere on your screen. You can turn it on at the table by clicking the arrow icon found at the top of the chat window.

Once your chat window is detached, you can reattach it at any time by clicking the arrow icon again.

Next to the arrow icon on any detached chat window, you will see a wheel icon which gives you the options to Auto-Detach Chat and Merge All Detached Chat Windows.

If you merge the chat windows, the chat displayed will depend on which table you currently have selected. But, if you select Lock Table, the chat of that table will remain displayed at all times.

All the options you have with regular chat are still available when the chat is detached, such as hands, player notes, statistics, and table information.


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