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You can change your Club's season length in your Club lobby by selecting:

  1. Manage Club
  2. Change Club Options
  3. Change the length to whichever suits your need.
  4. Select Apply.

This will end your current season. Your new season will start afresh but new standings will only be displayed after the first game of the new season is played.

This means that you'll still see the previous season's leaderboard displayed as long as you have not played your new season's first event.

Seasons' length is determined as follows:

  • Yearly is 1st January to 31st December.
  • Quarterly is 1st Jan to 31st March, etc.
  • Monthly is 1st January to 31st January, etc.

Additionally, the Recent Club Tournaments under the Results tab will also reset if the season length for the Club is changed.


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