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Interrupted spins and incomplete games: information and help

How do I complete an interrupted game?

Restart our software with the same device you were on when your game got stuck. This will restore the interrupted spin and complete your game.

What do I do if I can't restore the interrupted Slot game after restarting the software?

Follow the instructions below depending on the platform you're using:

Website or iOS app

Clear your web browser's cache if you're accessing our games using our website or iOS app. This will allow them to reopen smoothly.

You can find the troubleshooting steps through these links:

Once that's done, restart our software with the same device you were on when your game got stuck.

Desktop software

Clear our software's cache and try to restart again. You can find instructions on how to do this for each platform below:

If the issue with your game continues, contact us with the following details:

  • The hand, round ID or name of the Slot game
  • The date and time of the issue
  • The amount you bet in that Slot game

How do Slot games with automated completion work?

Some Slot games feature automated completion. That means our software makes the move for you.

The system auto-completes a spin 24 hours after the game becomes stuck:

  • There will be random selections in bonus rounds.
  • If you have any pending Free Spins, the software will play them out.

You’ll get the funds in your account when the software hits any winning combination.

If your game is still stuck after 24 hours, we can contact the developer to raise your case.

How do I know if my balance changed?

Check out your game history to see if your balance changed. For more information, read this article.

How do I get my funds back from an interrupted game?

When our developer confirms a win, you’ll get your winnings on your account.

If you’re a player in Italy, contact us with the game details. We’ll remove the game and return the stuck funds to your account.

Can I get a refund if my game is stuck?

We don’t give out refunds for interrupted games in line with our company policy.

If our developers verify that your bet won, we’ll credit those winnings to your account.

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