Types and values of Chests awarded during promotions

The value of a special Chest depends on the promotion itself. In general, there are two types of special Chests:

  1. Chests that don't require taking any action from your end to unlock them
    These Chests can be opened right away or they will automatically unlock on a certain date. You may receive them as a gift from us or after completing a particular task, such as a challenge. In any case, you don't have to take any specific action to unlock those Chests. Once such a Chest is unlocked, you can open it and enjoy your rewards. Just head to the My Stars section and select Chests to confirm their status:
    • A green padlock means that the Chest is unlocked and can be opened now.
    • A yellow hourglass is assigned to Chests that are still locked, thus cannot be opened. The unlock date is displayed underneath each locked Chest.
  2. Chests that will unlock once you meet certain requirements
    These Chests are always locked and cannot be opened right away. You need to meet certain requirements (complete a specific task) to unlock them. When you receive such a Chest, you will always see a notification which will provide you with more details. Depending on the promotion, you may need to complete a challenge or make a deposit. We will always inform you about the requirements which you need to meet to unlock your Chest (either per email or pop-ups displayed in our software). Also, don't forget to visit the Promotions section on our website where you can find all the relevant details about our offers.


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