Placing an order in the Rewards Store

Our Rewards Store is the place to go to exchange your StarsCoin for great PokerStars products. In this article, you'll learn how to place your order and how to change it.

Some items are exclusive to our desktop software. So if you want to see all of our latest offers and a full range of products, head there.

How do I place an order in the Rewards Store?

Desktop software
Log in to your account, go to the 'My Stars' section, then to 'Rewards Store'. Once you're there:
  1. Select the item you'd like to buy. This opens a new screen to enter the quantity, coupon code (if you received one), or any other details.
  2. Tick the box This address is correct. If you want to ship your order to a different address (but in the same country), select 'Use Different Address'.
  3. Click on 'Next' to confirm your details and agree with the statement about duties and taxes. If all the details are correct, select 'Confirm'. Or to change your order, select 'Back'.
  4. You'll receive an order confirmation email. If you need to correct any details, cancel your current order, and create a new one. You have two to three hours from the time you placed the order to cancel it.
Ordering via our mobile app

Go to: My Stars → Rewards Store
Ordering via our website

To get to the Rewards Store using our site:

Rewards Store

How can I cancel or change my order?

You can change or cancel your purchase within 2 to 3 hours of placing your order.

If you've changed your mind or made a mistake with your purchase, here's what to do:

  1. Check that your order status is still set as 'New'. If it is, you still have time to cancel the order via our desktop software.
  2. From the desktop software, select My Stars → Rewards Store → Order History → Cancel Order (this option is not available on our mobile app or website).

To edit the details of an order, you'll need to cancel the order first, then create a new one with your changes. Once that's done, you'll receive a confirmation email with the new order details.

Keep in mind that we usually wait two to three hours before processing orders, but some time frames will depend on the item and the day of the order.

How do I earn StarsCoin?

You earn them when you unlock Chests by playing real money games. Once you've accumulated enough, you can use your StarsCoin in our store to buy tournament tickets, free spins, cash rebates, and more. To get there, log in to your account and go to:

  • My Stars → Rewards Store and choose your favorite item.

Happy shopping!


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