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Show Stack Size in Big Blinds

You can display your stack size in relation to the number of big blinds you have, instead of its actual size.

For example, if blinds are 600/1,200 and you have 18,240 in your stack, you can display it as 15.2 big blinds.

To activate the option, on the desktop software, go to SettingsTable AppearanceTable Display.

If you're on mobile, it's Settings & ToolsTable Settings.

You can then customize the option between:

  • Show Stack Values in Big Blinds for Cash Games
  • Show Stack Values in Big Blinds for Tourneys

Once you're at the tables, you can always toggle back and forth between big blinds and chips by selecting your player image.

Showing stacks in big blinds cannot be 100 % accurate all the time, especially when dealing with decimal numbers. For the sake of accuracy, there are two scenarios when we'll revert to the default chips display, even when the option is activated:

  • Whenever a player gets called all-in, their stack will be shown in its true value, whether monetary or in chips.
  • Players whose stack falls below 1 big blind will see their stack displayed in either currency or chips value.

After that happens, selecting the stack amount located under your image will restore big blinds display.


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