Customize a table appearance

Don’t follow the crowd...change it up and get the table you want!

There are lots of customizable options available to fit your personality. Want a red table? Go for it! Change the deck style? Why not! Favorite seat? We've got you covered!

Just go to SettingsTable Appearance and choose from some of the exciting options below:

  • Themes: Select table themes, felt color, table background, and deck style. This can also be accessed by selecting Table → Table Themes in the top left corner of any table.
  • Table Display: Make changes to the way certain items appear at the tables, such as Player Images, Stack Values, Bet Amounts, and more.
  • Cards: Select how the cards are displayed, including a 4 Color Deck, Larger Opponent Cards, and the option to Display your Folded Cards.
  • Animation: Enable or disable the animations (dealing of the cards, changing Zoom tables after folding your hand, etc.).
  • Chat: Adjust options for displaying chat bubbles and emoticons at the tables. If your chat privileges have been deactivated and you want to signify this, a Show No Chat option will become available in this section. Dealer and player/observer messages can also be adjusted in this section.
  • Preferred Seat: Change your preferred seat position for each table size.
  • Announcements: Enable or disable table announcements from appearing.

You can access all these options when seated at a poker table by selecting Table → Table Settings → Table Appearance.


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