Customize a table appearance

Don’t follow the it your way and get the table you want!

There are lots of available features to fit your personality. Want a red table? Go for it! Change the deck style? Why not! Favorite seat? We've got you covered!

Just go to More → Settings → Table Appearance and choose from some of the options below:

  • Themes: Select table themes, felt color, table background, and deck style.
  • Table Display: Change the way certain items appear at the tables, such as Player Images, Stack Values, Bet Amounts, and more.
  • Cards: Select how the cards are displayed, including a 4 Color Deck, Larger Opponent Cards, and the option to Display your Folded Cards.
  • Animation: Enable or disable animations (dealing of the cards, Throwables, etc.).
  • Chat: Adjust options for displaying chat bubbles and emoticons. Dealer and player/observer messages can also be adjusted here.
  • Preferred Seat: Change your preferred seat position for each table size.
  • Announcements: Enable or disable table announcements from appearing.

You can access all these options when seated at a poker table by selecting 'Table' → 'Table Settings' → 'Table Appearance'.


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