Validate my payment methods

As a part of our continued efforts to protect the security of our customers and keep our platforms a safe and secure environment for all our users, we’ll occasionally ask you to validate your financial instruments.

How can I do it?

To validate your payment methods, you’ll need to send us some documentation depending on the instrument used:

Type of financial instrument Acceptable documentation
Cards (Debit or credit) • A clear image of the card* showing the name of the cardholder.
• Copy of the account statement showing name, address, and a Pokerstars credit within the last 3 months.
E-wallet account

• A screenshot of the account showing the name and the email address of the account holder.

a) If the email address registered on your e-wallet doesn’t match the email address registered with us, the screenshot should include your address or telephone number.
b) Screenshots from mobile apps are acceptable.

Pre-paid voucher

• Copy of receipt of purchase.

a) If purchased by card, send us a photo or screenshot of the bank statement showing the transaction and your name.
b) Many of these “pre-paid” methods have now apps from which we can accept screenshots if showing the voucher details.

Bank transfer • Copy of the bank account statement showing your name, address, and a transaction to Pokerstars within the last 3 months.

PCI Compliance:
As a part of our continued efforts to protect the security of our customers' data and our continued compliance commitment towards the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), we ask you to ensure that only the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number are visible. All other digits must be masked or covered. Do not send a copy of the back of your credit/debit card(s).

To send your documents you can use our Contact Support form.

A link to the form can be found as follows:

Website and desktop

Help → Contact Us

Mobile app

Go to menu (Android) or More (iOS), and then: Settings & Tools → Support → Contact Support

For Pokerstars Next Gen app, tap on the Account button to launch the Account Panel, and then:

Help → Contact Support

Once you open the form, select:

  • Category: Account Security and Verification
  • Subcategory: Upload Documents


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