Tips for multi-tabling

If you're interested in multi-tabling, here are some useful tips and features you can use:

  • Increase the number of tables slowly. Multi-table play requires practice.
  • Use big monitors - the bigger the better, so more tables can fit on the screen.
  • Use the features available in: More → Settings → Gameplay → Multi-Tabling

You can launch our various menu options using keyboard shortcuts. Some players use macro programs such as AutoHotKey (AHK) to simulate keyboard shortcuts. We don't support these and wouldn't be able assist you with them.

You can resize a table manually by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner of the window. Tables can be manually arranged by clicking and dragging the top bar where their names are displayed. When you're happy with the layout, from the main lobby screen, select:

  • More → Settings → Layouts → Table Window Position → Remember Table Positioning

This feature will remember where your previous tables were and place new tables in the same positions.

Tables can also be automatically arranged by our software.

  • More → Settings → Layouts → Table Window Position
    • Tile Tables: this feature arranges tables at the maximum possible size without any overlap. It is possible to have overlap with this feature if there are more tables open than your monitor can support at the smallest size.
    • Cascade Tables: this feature overlaps tables with a small offset distance to allow each table to be manually selected as required.
    • Stack Tables: this feature arranges all tables precisely under the last table that was focused (clicked) on.

Also, we have a feature called 'Preferred Seat'. This allows you to choose a common table perspective so you always appear in the same seat. To use this, select:

  • More → Settings → Table Appearance → Preferred Seat

There are several preferred seat settings, one for each possible table structure (10-handed, 9-handed, etc) and you have to configure each of these independently. To set up your preferred seat, simply place a checkmark on the desired seat.


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