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Satellite tournaments: information and explanation

Satellites are lower buy-in tournaments that allow you to win an entry into higher buy-in tournaments.

They're a good way to qualify for big events for only a fraction of the buy-in.

How do satellites work?

You can find these tournaments under the ‘Tourney’ tab (mobile) or by selecting ‘Satellite’ from the tournament filter in the desktop lobby.

To check what bigger buy-in tournament you're playing for, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the tournament lobby of the satellite you want to play.
  2. Under the 'Home' tab, select the link that reads 'Satellite to [tournament name]'.
  3. This will lead you to the tournament window of the target event.

If you win a satellite, you won't receive cash in your account. Instead, you'll get a seat at a bigger buy-in event.

Also, unregistering from the target tournament won't always be possible. So, if you already know you don't want to play in a particular target event, you should not register in one of its satellites. If a tournament doesn't have the option to unregister, you'll receive a warning message in the satellite's registration window.

What if I win multiple satellites for the same tournament?

No player can register twice for the same tournament.

If you qualify twice for the same tournament, you won't receive cash or an entry for your additional win. Instead, we'll credit the buy-in of the target tournament to your account in Tournament Money (also known as "T-Money").

If you have T-Money in your account, it will be used automatically and before real money to pay for tournament buy-ins.

What if I win a satellite and the target tournament has already started?

Winning a satellite after the start of the target tournament is not a problem. There are three possible scenarios:

  • The target's registration period is still open. You'll then be registered automatically. Unregistering may not always be possible.
  • The tournament has already started. You'll be seated automatically, and you won't be able to unregister.
  • The target's registration period is closed, or you're already registered for the target. In that case, you'll receive the target's buy-in in T-Money.

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