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responsible gaming
Responsible Gaming

Playing with friends or family

We're happy to let friends and family play at the same tables.

If you do, be as competitive as you'd be against any other player. Keep any information about your game to yourself and stay away from making any secret agreements. If you don't, this is collusion, which we can't allow.

If you've agreed to split profits with someone else, you'll have to play at different cash game tables or Sit & Go games. This also applies to players in the same household.

Most of the time, the software imposes a restriction automatically. It doesn't apply to multi-table tournaments (MTTs) or heads-up matches.

In MTTs, due to the large numbers of players, friends or relatives are unlikely to sit next to each other. In heads-up matches, there are only two players, so the only person you could share your cards with is your opponent.

We also offer a special feature called Home Games. They allow Club members to sit at the same table, even if they're playing from the same IP address. A really cool feature of Home Games is allowing friends to play the same game from the same location.

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