We always try to find new ways to deliver a more engaging playing experience when you interact with other players at the tables.

So instead of writing in the dialog box to chat with your fellow players why don't you express your feelings using our new Throwables feature? It's available to you on both desktop software and mobile app.

Throwables are virtual objects you can throw at other players and simply have fun with. You can use these emotes once you join the table. If you want to send one of them to your opponent, simply drag it and drop it at their seat.

We'll make sure the first Throwables are available to you straight away. To collect the rest of them, which will be released in stages, you'll have to make sure you complete the relevant Challenge that will be displayed in your Challenges window.

When the time comes, do not forget to opt in and jump straight into the action.

If you prefer not to see the Throwables feature at your tables, you can disable it through the following menus:

  • Desktop software: Settings → Table Appearance → Animation → Table Emotes
  • Mobile app: Settings & Tools → Table Settings → Table Emotes


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