The Tournament Money system, or T-Money, allows you to register in tournaments without using your real money balance. Most of the time, you receive T-Money in one of these two scenarios:

  • By winning an entry to the same target tournament twice. The value of the second entry is then credited to your account in T-Money.
  • By winning a satellite and the target tournament's registration period has already closed. In that case, you'll receive the value of the target tournament's buy-in in T-Money.

Some tournaments also award T-Money as part of their prize pool (e.g. freerolls or other special tournaments).

You can use T-Money to register in any tournament with a cash buy-in. It will be automatically used at registration if the tournament is eligible, before any other available balance. If you want to register for a tournament but don't have enough T-Money, the remaining buy-in will be taken from your real money balance. T-Money cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for any other currency.

You can check your T-Money balance by visiting the My Stars section of the lobby. If you're on the website version of our help center and want to check your balance

Tournament Money


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