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Win up to $1,000 on Christmas Day!

Win a prize every day with the Christmas Calendar, from December 1-24, including a cash prize of up to $1,000 on December 25!

Complete a progress bar each day to win a Stars Rewards Chest and open a calendar door – there's one available every single day. Behind each door will be a Christmas Calendar Chest containing instant prizes or a special Christmas key! This is on top of the rewards in your regular Stars Rewards Chest.

Collect three keys and they'll unlock a special Christmas Calendar Chest, available on December 25, containing a cash prize of up to $1,000!

How to take part and win your share:

  • Make sure you have opted in to Stars Rewards
  • Play real money games and complete a progress bar where you will win a Stars Rewards Chest containing randomised rewards
  • From December 1-24, opt into the Christmas Calendar Challenge and you'll also receive an extra Christmas Calendar Chest which will consist of one or a combination of the following: instant prizes such as a Free Bet, Free Spin, Spin & Go ticket; or a Christmas Key
  • Collect three keys to unlock a special Christmas Calendar Chest on December 25 for a cash prize of up to $1,000!

Terms & Conditions

The following are the rules (“Rules”) of the Christmas Calendar offer (the "Offer"), as organized by the operator ("PokerStars"/ “we”/ “our”/ “us”) of the Internet site found at PokerStars and its affiliated sites (the "Site") and of the PokerStars GUI software (the "Client"). 

Any entrant (“Entrant” / “you”/ “your”) who wishes to participate in the Offer hereby agrees to: (i) these Rules; and (ii) the general terms and conditions for offers on our site (collectively, the “Terms & Conditions”) and agrees to be unconditionally bound by all of the same so as to participate in this Offer.

1. Details of Offer

1.1 This offer is available for new and existing real money verified players.

1.2 This Offer is announced and takes place from 00:00 ET on December 1 until 23:59 ET on December 24, 2019 (“Offer Period”).

1.3 To begin, you must opt-in to the ‘Christmas Calendar’ Challenge by hitting ‘Start’ in your Challenges Window in the Client, website or app (where available).

1.4 When you play real money games on the Client and provided you have opted into Stars Rewards, you will be shown a progress bar and every time that you complete the progress bar from your playing activity, you will win a chest (“Chest”) which contains randomised rewards.

1.5 Chests come in a variety of colours – Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Black – and the choice of Chest you can win will depend on your level of play.

1.6 Throughout the Offer Period only and for each daily period that you win your first Chest, you will also receive a Christmas Calendar Chest as an additional prize (“Christmas Calendar Chest”) which will consist of one of the following:

  1. An instant prize such as a Free Bet, Free Spin, Spin & Go ticket or a combination of all of the same (“Instant Prize”); or
  2. A virtual token key (“Key”).

Collectively, the Instant Prize together with the Key shall be referred to herein as the “Offer Prizes.”

1.7 You will only be entitled to one (1) Christmas Calendar Chest in a twenty-four (24) hour period (beginning 00:00 ET), no matter how many Chests you win within that same period.

1.8 You must opt into Stars Rewards in order to win Chests, Christmas Calendar Chests and Offer Prizes.

1.9 You will be able to track your progress in your Challenges Window on the Client.

1.10 Wagering requirements:

a. Free Bets:

  • Free Bet can be used on any FOX Bet market.
  • Free Bet(s) can be used on Straight Bets and Parlays only.
  • Free Bet(s) can’t be used on Spin & Bet and round robin bets.
  • You can view the Free Bet(s) under the ‘Free Bets’ section located next to the Bet Slip.
  • Unused Free Bets expire seven (7) days after being credited.

b. Instant Bonuses:

  • Casino Instant Bonuses can be used to play any Casino games.
  • To convert a bonus, and any winnings, into cash that can be withdrawn, you need to earn 1.5 redemption points per dollar bonus within 30 days.
  • The rate at which redemption points are earned varies based on which games you choose to play, meaning that the total volume of Casino wagering required to clear your bonus may increase or decrease. Click here for a full outline of how redemption points are awarded per game type. You cannot surrender the bonus for any value over $0 without meeting the full wagering requirement.
  • You can only use one Casino Instant Bonus at any one time in an eligible game. If you have multiple Casino Instant Bonuses available for use in a particular game, each bonus will be added to the available balance as soon as you have cleared the bonus by earning the set number of redemption points, you have surrendered or paused the bonus, or you have used all bonus funds. You can manage the order in which multiple bonuses become available for use via the ‘My Stars’ menu, as described above.
  • When placing a wager, funds will be taken from any available Casino Instant Bonus balance first and from your real money balance thereafter.

2. Prizes

2.1 The value of the Instant Prize you can win will depend on the Chest you are ascribed based on your level of play at the time won and will vary as follows:

25% Key 25% Key 25% Key 25% Key 25% Key 25% Key
22.5% $0.25 22.5% $0.50 22.5% $2 22.5% $5 37.5% $20 29.25% $50
41.25% $0.50 41.25% $1 41.25% $3 41.25% $10 30% $25 31.5% $75
11.25% $1 11.25% $2 11.25% $5 11.25% $20 7.5% $50 14.25% $100

2.2 Each individual Key has no monetary value however if you collect three (3) Keys during the Offer Period, you will receive a cash prize (“Cash Prize”). This Cash prize will depend on the Chest you are ascribed based on your level of play at the time won and will vary as follows:

99.9% $1 99.8% $3 99.7% $7 99% $20 98.9% $65 94.25% $100
0.1% $1,000 0.2% $1,000 0.3% $1,000 1% $1,000 1.1% $1,000 5.75% $1,000

2.3 Please note that the Cash Prize will only become available on December 25, 2019, from 00:00 ET until 23:59 ET on December 31, 2019. So you will need to collect all three (3) Keys prior to the end of the Offer Period. 

3. Miscellaneous

3.1 You will not be eligible to participate in this Offer nor entitled to receive any prizes set out hereunder (to the extent applicable) if you are subject to any self-exclusion restrictions in relation to any of our Sites. 

3.2 All prizes that form part of this Offer cannot be assigned or transferred and Chests will be forfeited if not opened within seven (7) days of issue.

3.3 We reserve the right to amend the terms of this Offer as may be notified to you on our Site and/or terminate this Offer at any time.

3.4 Only one entry per person permitted.

3.5 You must not permit or allow another person to take part in the Offer on your behalf.

3.6 You must have a Stars Account if you want to take part in this Offer and you must be the registered owner of the Stars Account.

3.7 By entering this Offer, you hereby confirm and agree that you wish to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

Please see our general Terms and Conditions for offers which apply.

If you have any questions about the Christmas Calendar, please contact Support.